Although initially conceived back from around 2007, it was 2009 when the decision was made to launch THE INTELLIGENCE TRAIL later that year. Since then it has steadily grown in stature as London’s in-depth spy tour company, popular with both Londoners and those from further afield.

Whilst corporate mission/value statements often appear convoluted and meaningless, they are useful – IF written with conviction and honesty (and without the corporate bull).

So, taking this into account, what’s the ‘Trail vision? It’s simple: being the acknowledged leader of in-depth spy and espionage guided walks in central London. Constantly striving to be the most recognised, trusted, and authoritative provider of informative and entertaining intelligence and espionage guided walking tours in London. In other words, the ‘must go on’ spy tour here in the spy capital of the world.

Don’t be mistaken: there is a distinct sense of pride in being chosen – and enjoyed by – members of the diplomatic community, civil servants, and the military and security community (you’ll hopefully understand if no names are mentioned!) from various countries. But laurels aren’t being rested on; neither is there any complacency.

Although the ‘Trail will offer additional services and experiences as time goes by, the mission will always remain constant: providing customers with really enjoyable and highly informative experiences delivered professionally with bucketloads of enthusiasm. And they’ll tell their family and friends about it, for sure!

Of course, all this is made a lot simpler when there’s a constant supply of passion and commitment to achieving these aims.

The ‘Trail has previously been involved with the Group Travel Business Forum and a regular attendee at travel industry networking events. Conferences and exhibitions attended have included the Counter Terror Expo, Confex, World Travel Market, and the Travel Distribution Summit.

The ‘Trail has also been the founding force behind the Military and Intelligence Tourism Association. By increasing overall category awareness and demand among tourists, professionals, students, and spy fans for spy-related experiences and attractions, prospects for all should subsequently improve. Watch this space for more exciting steps taken by the group as membership further increases.

Chosen by members of the international intelligence, security, military and diplomatic communities.