UK Spy Podcast – Ep 55, Sunday Spy Show

Join THE INTELLIGENCE TRAIL guide Brian Gray for his monthly take on the key UK intelligence issues, on the Sunday Spy Show at Spies & Shadows TV.

Episode 55 of the UK’s leading intelligence podcast is here for you to listen to.

As always, US contributor Michael Brady offers his Stateside perspective of what’s going on in the US intelligence community.

And as usual, there’s seriousness, sensibility, and a wee tad of stupidity as well, all in the right proportions. It almost sounds like one of my London spy tours!



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Anyway, as far as the news stories go…listen out for the following…

  • NEWS
    • Latest MI5 declassified files – Portland and Cambridge Spy Rings
    • Cairncross widow claims files show husband not one of Cambridge Ring
    • The KGB at Oxford
    • The real MI6 ‘Reptile Fund’ ?
    • MI6 Chief that’s not in line for a blue plaque
    • Professor Michael Brady: US intel round-up
    • MI5 terror review – reaction to Anderson Report
    • Spy Theatre – George Blake and ‘Cell Mates’