Civilised stag and hen party spy tours in London and Edinburgh from THE INTELLIGENCE TRAIL

Civilised Stag & Hen Spy Tours

Looking for a great – and civilised – start to a London or Edinburgh stag or hen weekend that you can happily include the parents in? THE INTELLIGENCE TRAIL perfectly fits the bill!

With a variety of content-rich spy walking tours in central London and Edinburgh to enthrall, educate, and entertain you all, the ‘Trail is a winning solution for intelligent stags, hens, parents, and friends alike who want to start their weekend proceedings in a civilised yet thought-provoking style.

Beginning a London or Edinburgh stag weekend or hen party weekend with something the mothers and fathers can get involved in and yet still be fun all round can be tricky. Until now!

While the parents will probably be happy to leave the serious nighttime fun to the younger whippersnappers, booking one of our acclaimed private London or Edinburgh spy tours is a great way to start the proceedings. Any of the tours offered will be a great experience for parents and the younger bunch to do something together, generate lots of talking points later on, and rather importantly, help work up an appetite for some post-tour refreshment in readiness for the long night ahead!  And if you want to add a bit of healthy competition to the proceedings, perhaps a spy quiz or some other ‘tradecraft’ extras (priced separately) can be thrown into the mix to see who’s been paying attention along the way. It’s your choice.

It would perhaps be foolish to assume that every stag party or hen do thinking about coming on the ‘Trail would automatically opt for the saucy Sexpionage tour. But at the same time, its appeal for this type of occasion shouldn’t be overlooked either (and yes, there’s been at least one HEN party who opted for this tour).

But if you think that might make your mother- or father-in-law blush (that perhaps is a reason in itself to choose it!) then there’s still all the others for you to choose from. If in doubt, choose the Classic ‘Trail – it has a bit of everything.

Civilised stag tours can be run in the morning or afternoon (it’s doubtful you’d want it in the evening, right?) with prices cheaper the further in advance they are booked. And you don’t have to worry about individual tour numbers or last-minute additions or dropouts. The price is the same whether it’s one person or thirty in your group (but it would be much appreciated if you can give an indication of group size).

(£ UK Pounds Sterling)
Solo/Couple 1-2 people
(£ UK Pounds Sterling)
3-30 people
6 or more weeks£295.00£325.00
3 to 5 weeks£395.00£425.00
1 to 2 weeks£495.00£525.00
6 or less days£595.00£625.00

* Please note maximum tour size for Edinburgh tour = 10 people

Don’t hesitate to get in touch to check availability, or ask any questions that you may have (don’t forget to check the FAQ page, as it may have been answered already). If you’ve already booked, and need to come up with some post-tour refreshment options, you can get some ideas for that too.

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