Sexpionage Tour

Sex and spying come together on the X-rated “Sexpionage” London spy tour. Discover the edgier antics of the ‘second oldest profession’ in the spy capital of the world – London.

While the Classic ‘Trail tour offers a potent mix of sex, violence, treachery and betrayal, the Sexpionage tour ramps up the ‘fruitier’ aspects of the second oldest profession. In other words, the sex and violence!

Scandals, entrapment, seduction, and defection all feature, introducing walkers to the world of ‘honeytraps’ and ‘romeos’. The tour justifies its ADULTS ONLY status, as some of the edgier and more risqué aspects of the intelligence game are recounted by acclaimed intelligence guide Brian Gray.

Closely – but not totally – following the Early Years tour route, this three hour walk is however decidedly hotter in content. But this is far from being the ‘lightweight’ sibling of the other tours: there’s no lacking of detail concerning the implications and consequences of the spy ‘sexcapades’ that occurred throughout the decades.

Beginning across from the Old Admiralty Building on The Mall, the tour starts in style as you’ll learn more about the very colourful personal life of James Bond creator, Ian Fleming. And don’t think for a moment that you’ll be eased in gently to the saucy side of spying! Fleming set the bar quite highly, as you’ll find out!

Following this, there’s the case of the young Admiralty official William John Vassall to consider: a classic victim of a KGB honeytrap, who then supplied his Russian handlers with key files for several years.

THE-INTELLIGENCE-TRAIL-SEXPIONAGE-LONDON-SPY-TOUR-PROFUMOHeading briefly into St. James’s, you’ll get your first taste (wrong turn of phrase?!) of the various – and often outrageous – sexual proclivities of the various members of the Cambridge Spy Ring: Guy Burgess, Donald Maclean, Kim Philby, Anthony Blunt, and John Cairncross. Who was ‘exposed’ by his first wife to the ‘joys’ of lovemaking in the snow? Who contracted syphilis and was also said to ‘have met his Waterloo….at Paddington’ after being arrested for his behaviour in the gents’ loos in the station? Who wrote a book about polygamy? Whose sexual appetite was so voracious that the Russians complained about the blurry photographs being taken as a direct consequence of the energetic coupling between agent and courier?  More and more details will be revealed as the tour continues into Whitehall and beyond. For sexpionage spy film fans you’ll also pass the film location for one of the key scenes in Red Sparrow – and the featured building itself has a shadowy past of its own!

THE-INTELLIGENCE-TRAIL-SEXPIONAGE-LONDON-SPY-TOUR-WHITEHALL-COURTThe sexpionage continues into the Cold War, as you’ll hear about what was considered “Britain’s worst political Cold War scandal” (needless to say, the tabloids loved it!).  Sexpionage – real or suspected – isn’t limited to the Cold War decades however. You’ll be brought back (with a bang?) into the twenty first century with the scandal involving the British Member of Parliament and his young Russian parliamentary assistant – and lover. Another tabloid favourite, it had all the elements an editor wished for. That’s not even including the abysmal handling of the case by MI5!

Ending in the heart of Westminster, there’s still time for a few more tales, including the virile – and drunken – KGB defector to-be, whose antics were the catalyst for Britain’s biggest spy expulsion. There’s the British traitor who went on to become a KGB ‘romeo’ agent, seducing women from around the world. And finally, if there’s time – and the naughty curiosity – there’s the unbelievable but true story of bizarre (and probably highly illegal) sexpionage that was so hot to handle it got passed up the KGB chain of command to the Chairman himself! Thankfully, it didn’t involve the Brits!

Put simply, there is no other tour like this in central London. And in terms of fun things to do in London, and understanding of Britain’s modern day intelligence services throughout the decades, this is the hottest walking ticket in town.

But be warned: This tour is NOT for the narrow-minded or easily embarrassed!

Duration: approx. 3 hours on foot
Rendezvous Point (RVP): Royal Marines Memorial, The Mall
(a Google map showing exact rendezvous point location will be emailed to you prior to the tour)
Nearest station (start): Charing Cross (Overground, and Underground – Northern, Bakerloo lines)
Nearest station (end): St. James’s Park (Underground – District line).

The route includes two sets of upward steps and one set of downward steps.

Private tour slots (for up to 30 people) are priced according to booking period.

(£ UK Pounds Sterling)
Solo/Couple 1-2 people
(£ UK Pounds Sterling)
3-30 people
6 or more weeks£295.00£325.00
3 to 5 weeks£395.00£425.00
1 to 2 weeks£495.00£525.00
6 or less days£595.00£625.00


Important: As only private groups are run, please note that it is not possible to ‘join’ another group as this would mean the group ceasing to be exclusively for the original client.

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