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In order to fully appreciate who visits the website, where you come from (Timbuktoo or Tuvalu, and everywhere in between), how you’ve arrived at the website (through social media, or directly) and whether you’re here for the first time or coming back for more etc., Google Analytics is used, with some tracking code entered into each page. This data is used to help understand how visItors use the site, and identify content/performance issues. And basically provide some insight into where marketing activity should be focussed on or whether there are shortcomings in site content etc – very important for a small ‘bootstrap’ enterprise! You may have heard about new EU Cookie laws (you probably can’t have failed to see pop-up notices appearing on your favourite websites about this). The irony however is that even if someone doesn’t want a site to install Cookies, apparently a Cookie is used to remember that fact! Confused? You’re in good company!

There is still widespread confusion and lack of clarity concerning how the legislation applies to Google Analytics. The UK’s Government Digital Service is of the position that analytics cookies are minimally intrusive. They are essential to understanding how vistitors use and interact with websites. Until the exact “do’s and don’ts” of the legislation become clear, the best advice is this: if you don’t want your data relating to your time on this site to be tracked, disable your cookie settings on your own internet browser.


THE INTELLIGENCE TRAIL does not accept any liability for any accident, injury, infection, rendition, or fatality which may be incurred during the walk. Walkers are responsible for their own conduct and urged to exercise common sense and awareness of their surroundings at all times, especially when crossing busy streets etc. THE INTELLIGENCE TRAIL is only responsible for the provision of the guide and the associated tour content.

Safety and security is of importance to both guide and customers. Similarly, the guide has the absolute right to work in a safe environment and with respect. Threatening behaviour, drunkeness, aggression, and other anti-social conduct will not be tolerated, and the guide has complete right to refuse entry to the tour, and during the tour at any point should he feel this is the case. No refund will be given.

Protest marches and rallies are often held in central London streets, as well as a handful of specific sporting occasions (often held on The Mall) which may affect the tour route. The Metropolitan Police Public Order Branch webpage http://www.met.police.uk/events provides information on upcoming events. Disruption is mostly limited to traffic however rather than pedestrians. On the rare occasion where pedestrian right of way is denied, the Guide reserves the right to amend the route in the most practical fashion and minimise the disruption to the overall route. Additional content may be included during the tour where appropriate, to ensure customer value.

Walks WILL be conducted in wet weather, provided there is minimal risk of injury. All walkers should be suitably dressed/equipped to cope with the elements according to the weather that has been forecast. Once the tour has begun, should thunder/lightning storms occur, shelter will be taken. In the event of sustained weather conditions that pose a risk to safety, the Guide reserves the right to wait until conditions are over and resume the walk (either fully or shortened) or to end the tour. Wherever possible, resuming the walk remains top priority. Guide’s decision is final and no refunds will be given.

THE INTELLIGENCE TRAIL fully reserves the right to cancel a tour should adverse weather conditions make it hazardous to do so, and the risk of injury is likely. Where conditions are forecast to be extremely unfavourable (including but not limited to: heavy snow, ice, sustained thunder/lightning) consultations will take place with the client to decide upon the most prudent action to take.

In circumstances where payment has already been made and the decision has been taken to cancel the tour due to adverse conditions, alternative date(s) for the walk will be arranged.

Should there be a need to re-schedule a tour in which the date and time has already been specified and paid for, this can be done so upon payment of an additional fee.

Unfortunately no refunds can be given, as signficant expense is incurred (travel, accommodation) that is directly related to the provision of a personalised service (i.e. a private tour for a particular person/group of people at a mutually agreed and confirmed date and time). This adheres to the 2013 Consumer Contracts Regulations. Clients should therefore make every effort to ensure the original agreed tour slot is the most preferred date BEFORE payment is made.

As the tour will be primarily conducted outside and the wearing of a face mask outside is not a legal requirement, the tour guide will not be wearing a facemask, in order to maintain physical comfort throughout and maximise face to face communication during the tour. Clients are free to choose whether they wish to wear masks or not. In the event that buildings are entered, then the wearing of face masks will be assumed to be required.

Legal/public health restrictions or new medical requirements may suddenly be introduced that prevent paid-for tours from running (including but not limited to travel restrictions, lockdowns, vaccination status) that affect either the guide or the client. Under these circumstances, due to the provision of a personalised service as per the 2013 Consumer Contracts Regulations, refunds cannot be given in the event that the tour cannot go ahead. Alternative tour dates will be offered when circumstances permit. To this end it is strongly recommended that in the current climate, clients arrange sufficient cancellation insurance as part of their event/travel insurance policy.

The above points are not exhaustive and should not be considered as a complete list of terms and conditions, but nonetheless address the most common points considered. Do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss your exact requirements and/or queries, should you feel that other circumstances/conditions need to be taken into account.

If you have any other queries, visit the FAQ page to see if it has already been highlighted. If not, get in touch to discuss it further.

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