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The premier London and Edinburgh spy tour provider, THE INTELLIGENCE TRAIL, will once more be performing its mission to inform, educate, and entertain in 2019. Be among the select few to properly journey into the past and present day affairs of Britain’s main intelligence services, MI5, MI6, and GCHQ on the capital’s streets.

Limited availability tour slots: decide then act, fast!

As so many of the Trail’s clients come from ‘Five Eyes’ countries (UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand) we know that overseas clients in particular appreciate dates announced well in advance so they can plan accordingly and book their tour months ahead of the tour date. And of course get the best deal: the best value prices are available when booking six or more weeks before the intended tour date.

So, where are the dates, then?
The fact is that as all tours are private tours, it’s up to YOU. Get in touch and provide details of your preferred time and date.
Once you know when you’re going to be in town (or rather towns; don’t forget the ‘Trail is now operating in both London and Edinburgh!) then make contact straight away with your requirements to get the ball rolling. While there’s a high degree of flexibility available in meeting your time and date requests, there’s one factor that can’t be legislated for: other interested parties looking for a tour – perhaps for the same time as you would like! Remember: the ‘Trail operates on a first come first served basis. 

What city
[Edinburgh or London]
What time/date [morning tours recommended start at 1030 hrs; afternoons 1400 hrs. But it’s your tour: we’ll try to accommodate your schedule as best as possible]
What tour [Choose from Classic, Early Years, Cold War, Westminster & Water, Sexpionage in London and the new Edinburgh spy tour]
How many people [for London tours, it can be up to 30 people in your group; for Edinburgh, up to 10. Whether it’s just for yourself, a couple, or you and your friends, do let us know.]
Special Occasion? [Let us know if your tour is a celebration or gift, or alternatively tied in with work]

Prices and further details can be found on each of these tour pages.

And if your partner, colleagues or friends need a bit more convincing, then you can direct them here.


A final word

And while there’s no strong-arm persuasive tactics going on (there’s no need: ‘Trail clients are so enthusiastic!) do think back to the last time you put off booking a flight or concert for a later date. Then you either missed out or the prices had jumped considerably! That’s never a good feeling, so don’t procrastinate, act! If you genuinely want to get the real perspective on current and past British intelligence issues, from an acclaimed intelligence guide and broadcaster, then make it happen in 2019!

Chosen by members of the international intelligence, security, military and diplomatic communities.