‘Trail Top Five: MI5, MI6, GCHQ news updates

Need to know what’s currently going on in the shadowy realms of British Intelligence? You’ve come to the right place.

The top five news stories to come from the mainstream and alternative media concerning Britain’s intelligence services: MI5, MI6, and GCHQ. And perhaps some others along the way every now and again.

World-saver or world-class traitor?
Writing in the Sunday Times, Bryan Appleyard reviews the story of Atom bomb spy Klaus Fuchs, in connection with the release of a new biography of the East German physicist.

Gentlemen spies and boat-drawing: MI5’s early days, with Nigel West
With a new book out examining the very early years of the Security Service, acclaimed intelligence writer Nigel West reveals some interesting snippets. 

The smoking Gun and the journalist’s cock-up
As the October release of ‘Official Secrets‘ nears, Observer journalist Nicole Mowbray recounts her time as the story broke and her anguish with a bit of spelling which caused ‘an international incident’.
While we’re mentioning Gun, there’s an interview with her and the journalists involved in the story here.

Funeral farewell to 007…and Q ?
A funeral fit for a real life man in the shadows…
From the Royal Air Force to more cloak-and-dagger-y antics is honoured in the appropriate manner.
You’ll need to register to see the article or access it on ProQuest elsewhere, but it’s worth it.

Barr becomes the backdoor man at odds with industry…and everyone ?
The US Attorney General lays down the gauntlet regarding encryption to the tech world. And by default, to Joe Public. And it’s not going to make him flavour of the month. By a long shot.

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