Why Trail?

Credibility and in-depth knowledge. Understand why THE INTELLIGENCE TRAIL is the only London spy tour you should consider.

Let’s face it: there are many London guided walks around. And with varying degrees of quality, it’s important you find the right one. If you’re looking for a London spy walk, you’ve most certainly come to the right place.

As well as being enjoyable in its own right, THE INTELLIGENCE TRAIL is the most comprehensive London guided walking tour in the areas of intelligence and spying for the following reasons:-

YOUR GUIDE: Whilst full career details are not revealed, Brian Gray is a former politics and economics lecturer armed with a BA (Hons) in International Relations – specialising in military and security affairs (there’s also an MSc in Marketing for good measure). As well as competency in the subject matter per se, he has the breadth and depth of knowledge to provide further comment regarding the context in which events occurred.

Let’s get one thing straight: there are absolutely no scripts referred to on this tour compared with many London tourist guides (in actual fact, shutting him up will be more of a challenge!)

In contrast with many other London walking tour guides, Brian’s  walking tour commitments are completely focussed on spy tours and spy tours only. Remember the phrase that ‘a Jack of all trades is a Master of none’? Exactly.

For this reason, everything in the tour is about the tour. There are no ‘interludes’ halfway through the tour in which some vaguely related topic – or another tour plug – is discussed. And let’s face it: if you’re on a tour where this happens, it makes you think either the guide’s depth of knowledge isn’t there, or the route isn’t that great in the first place. Rest assured, there’s none of this on THE INTELLIGENCE TRAIL. It’s “all killer and no filler!” That’s a cast-iron guarantee.

Finally, if a spy tour guide is judged by the company being kept, or the clients being attracted, Brian is doing just fine.  Like a certain fictional secret agent, his reputation must indeed be preceding him, given his invitations to appear on prime time radio and television in Britain and the USA.

Then there’s the clients, who include members of the international intelligence, security, military and diplomatic communities. His credibility and authority in making intelligence issues more accessible and understandable to the public at learge through both the tours and the Sunday Spy Shows on Spies & Shadows TV also acts as a beacon for intelligence aficionados who want someone with the enthusiasm, knowledge and insight to lead them around the capital.

Little wonder that the ‘Trail was shortlisted for the 2017 European Luxury Travel Guide Awards.

CONTENT: The tour covers a range of events and episodes, providing an excellent introduction to the British intelligence services as well as recounting key episodes. Facts and drama go hand in hand! Because the route itself goes past so many points of relevance, there’s no shortage of material. In fact, Brian has the hard choice of choosing which events and episodes to recall within the confines of the normal tour length. The incidents and episodes recalled during one tour may vary from the one your friends have gone on. And there may also be some slight route changes during the tour, again for variety in the locations and associated tales. Having said that however, the faster the tour group can walk the greater the chance of some extra stories thrown in for good measure!

ROUTES: The current walks will see you venture into a number of areas, depending on the tour you chose. St. James’s, Whitehall, Westminster, maybe Piccadilly too. And although it’s the stories themselves taking pride of place on the tour, some of the architecture encountered on THE INTELLIGENCE TRAIL will also be memorable. (NOTE: See the FAQ with regards to photographing buildings on tour).

Make no mistake. This is the real deal. You’ll be visiting locations of clandestine meetings, and passing buildings formerly housing various sections of British intelligence services over the decades (maybe even one or two current ones!). And you’ll NEVER leave feeling short-changed. But don’t take our word for it, here’s what others have to say. Feel free to also read THE INTELLIGENCE TRAIL TripAdvisor reviews.


Chosen by members of the international intelligence, security, military and diplomatic communities.